Strengthening Young Women’s Civic Participation and Leadership through Inter-University Debates

Today is yet another milestone in the history of Uganda, it is a milestone because today, we have heard great discussions from young women who have expressed great ideas. This debate is going to open conversations about the need to actively involve young women in issues of politics, leadership and democracy. Today is a milestone because young women have been given a platform for self-expression. These young women have overcome the greatest impediment to women’s leadership in Uganda and globally-that is lack self-confidence and communication skills. As you are aware, the women in parliament are now about 39%, but how many women are challenging policies or tabling bills?

Strengthening Young Women’s Civic Participation and Leadership project is impacting 1,500 young university women. It has increased access to information, developed leadership skills for young women and is providing supportive networks and mentors for the young women. Because of this project more than 15,000 young women are actively participating in the 2016 general elections in Uganda as voters, educators, supporters or candidates. that today we have to show Uganda the 19 young women that are standing at various levels of leadership in Uganda.

This project is funded by UNDEF- United Nations Democracy Fund enabling us to create this platform that is empowering young university women to become politically active.