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Youth Engaged Program

The youth design and implement community initiatives and Interreligious Dialogues to sensitize the public about human rights, gender, dangers of religious tensions and hatred to promote peace, security and co-existence with people of other religions in the community. The project bridges the leadership and employment gaps among youth by providing them with employment and job creation skills through vocational skills, life skills, leadership and entrepreneurship skills development.

The youth are connected to mentors, internships, social support systems and incubation programs to develop and launch their business ideas. They form Village Loan and Savings Associations to mobilize funding. The innovative model, the 5D CYCLE®, enables youth to Discover who they are, Dream about what they want to become, Design ways of achieving those dreams and Develop key skills and habits that will lead them to rewarding Destinies. Through mentorship and value-based leadership, the experiential learning tools enable youth to ignite their inner potential, transform their thinking, develop their character, self-confidence, critical thinking and communication skills and successfully compete in the global economy.