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Launched in 2011 by the American Ambassador to Uganda, Jerry Lanier, the Rising Stars Mentoring Program is a young women’s empowerment initiative that inspires and equips them with leadership, employment, vocational, entrepreneurship and social/life skills.

Theory of change: “Transition into the workforce for vulnerable and economically disadvantaged young women is usually very hard. Equipping them with leadership, demand-driven job skills, support, internship opportunities and entrepreneurship skills enables them to become competitive and relevant in the market place as employers or employees.”


The Rising Stars Mentoring Program is a young woman’s empowerment initiative that inspires and equips them with leadership, employment, vocational, entrepreneurship, and social and life skills. Our goal is to economically and socially empower young women in secondary schools in Uganda by strengthening their ability to become active players in transforming their lives and enabling them to transition from school to work and adulthood successfully. Equipping young women with 21st-century skills ignites their cognitive skills, critical thinking, innovation and interdependence, communication, creativity, leadership, financial literacy, and information technology which are crucial necessities for success in the global economy.

Experiential learning builds young women’s self-confidence, increases economic opportunities, and creates supportive systems and platforms for self-expression. The program enhances young women’s potential to excel in life and work through proper career planning and skills development, connecting them to actual work experience while still at school. The relevance of learning at the secondary level is essential, given that this is the level from which many youths enter the labour force. Parents, community leaders, and teachers are trained as support mentors to integrate the skills into the existing lifestyle, structures, and activities. Launched by United States Ambassador Jerry Lanier in 2011, the project has been funded by the MacArthur Foundation since 2014.





Training and Mentorship: To enhance leadership and social/life skills among girls and young women to better deal with personal and community challenges.

Internships, Business Coaching and Financial Literacy: To increase economic opportunities for girls and young women through enhanced entrepreneurial and work-readiness skills

Engagement and Voice: To create platforms of self-expression, networks, and support systems with the grassroots movement of young people leading change in their communities.

1.Girls’ Education and Leadership Life Skills

1.Girls Education and Leadership Life Skills

Working through existing school systems and empowering teachers to integrate the skills young women are inspired, coached, mentored, and trained to dream big and set goals. Hope for the future and career guidance ignite purpose and academic achievement for young women to stay in school and competitively qualify and enter universities.
2.Work-readiness Internship Placements

2.Work-readiness Internship Placements

Young women who collaborate with the private sector get internship opportunities to gain work experience while still at school. As a result, young women are equipped with self-belief, confidence, communication, and interview skills that enable them to apply for jobs and accelerate their future employability. In addition, good attitude and character keep them employed, and continuous mentorship, peer learning, and support networks make them rise to the top
3.Innovation, Business Incubation and Start-up

3.Innovation, Business Incubation and Start-up

Young women go through practical education entrepreneurship that equips them with practical skills to design and run small school-based businesses that provide a unique opportunity to acquire hands-on experiences in micro-enterprise management. This gives them income to buy school requirements, ignites their entrepreneurial skills and increases their businesses' survival. Access to coaching and funding spurs business growth and builds their financial literacy skills.