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CEDA International is a non-profit organization registered in Uganda and the United States of America that specializes in Education, Leadership, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship, and Youth Development. Started in 2009, we have a Vision of & creating a new generation of women leaders who are economically independent, socially responsible, and politically active. The Organization works through training, community dialogues, financial literacy, employment creation for youth, gender economic empowerment, peace and security, quality education for girls, combating violent extremism, human trafficking and sexual exploitation, gender-based violence, and human rights.

The organization mentors youth to discover their life’s purposes and develop key leadership, vocational, entrepreneurship, and life skills for a positive transition from school to work to secure a productive and fulfilling livelihood by becoming the best at whatever they choose. Our fresh, bold, and innovative

programs focus on inspiring, equipping, and skilling young people to transform their thinking, take charge of their lives and, at the same time, positively impact their communities. Over the years, we have supported over 250,000 children and youth (boys and girls) and women to improve their livelihoods within Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. We are committed to empowering youth and women to become competitive and relevant in the job market as employees or entrepreneurs- the job creators. CEDA International is committed to uplifting women’s status. It has established a platform through which young people’s and women’s voices and stories are shared and celebrated to ensure the promotion and protection of equal opportunities.