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We have organized nine Mentoring Walks with over 9750 girls and women connected for mentorship partnerships. The young women have access to mentors that guide them to have planned and rewarding careers, accumulate new skills, got exposure, jobs and networking opportunities. Mentoring Walks have also increased peer-to-peer mentoring, support systems, learning, sharing and collaboration for personal, career and business growth.

It is a particularly effective support system to help overcome the obstacles to career growth that women commonly face in corporate and professional environments, such as experiencing the “glass ceiling” effect and more limited networking options. 

Equipped with a mentor’s advice and support, female professionals can better navigate their professional challenges. As such, mentoring provides a unique opportunity for rising women professionals to accelerate their career advancement—and for established women leaders to share their successes to help future generations of women leaders grow and develop. Research from Catalyst reveals that 65 per cent of women who have had a mentor will go on to become mentors themselves, thus paying forward the investment made in them.

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