Gloria is a Rising-Star awaiting graduation at Gulu University, having completed her Bachelors Degree in Development Studies. She is keen to practice what she has learnt for the past two years and determined to realize her dreams. From her mentors, she learnt to write down her dreams and work towards making them come true, thereby, setting in motion the journey to determine her own destiny.

Her journey to leadership became clearer when she acquired leadership skills from her mentors. Gloria immediately put her leadership skills into practice when she was elected a Guild Representative for her faculty. Following her impressive performance, she was appointed the University Minister of Gender and Female Affairs by the Guild President. This explains her rising star status. She wants to emulate the courage of Miria Matembe (her Mentor and former Cabinet Minister). Her immediate concern is being a change agent and being a positive influence to young women and girls within her reach. She seeks to speak inspirational messages to young women and to live an exemplary life style so as to light the way for them. Coming from one of the districts in northern Uganda that was ravaged by war for twenty years, the challenges are still very many. Young women are still being married off early in strong cultural systems that still do not value educating girls. The other challenge that she is working on is the issue of role models. Young girls in the district are not aware and have no access to role models for inspiration. Gloria has started an initiative that is building a network of women role models that go to schools to talk to girls.

“Mentorship is a powerful tool for empowering young women. Once you hear someone with a similar background to your talking to you about her life’s journey to success, it reframes the way you see your life and start dreaming of a better future. For me, access and exposure to mentors through this program has given me the wings to fly high to become a star and be the best at whatever I choose to do.”