Eunice is a student of Law at Uganda Christian University. She is a remarkably eloquent and passionate speaker as well as a promising leader. In addition to training her, Eunice’s mentors constantly encourage her to always utilize opportunities of speaking to big audiences. . Following their advice, she has not only attracted students’ endorsements, but also built her self-confidence. This helped her during campaigns for Students Guild Member of Parliament (MP) representing Non-residential students in the University, where she emerged the Winner.

“Taking office as MP has challenged me to acquire more skills in leadership, public management and anger management. These skills have enabled me to be more tolerant towards people of diverse backgrounds. People who knew me before can’t believe the transformation that has happened to me in just one year of mentorship.”

Eunice was also recently elected Vice President of the Uganda Young Women Leaders Network. This boosted her leadership credentials and her ability to inspire more young women and men in Uganda. Her confidence and encouragement from her peers from the universities all over Uganda, Youth Council Leaders and her mentors have energized her and inspired her to keep being the change that she wants to see and to live an exemplary life while mentoring those who need her help without hesitation. She is determined to grow her leadership skills with the dream of joining the Uganda Parliament in 2021. One thing she knows for sure is that “the future belongs to those that believe in the power of their dreams.”