Lillian is a student of Development studies at Gulu University where she serves as a woman representative to the Guild Council 2015/2016.

After being inspired by her role model and mentor Miria Matembe during the Mentoring Night, Acen contested for Woman Councilor in Lira district where she comes from. In the course of her campaigns, a couple of men approached her seeking sexual favours in exchange for their votes. Her principles did not permit her to succumb to such crazy proposals. She told them off and, out of frustration, they ganged up with her opponents to decampaign her. She did not go through but she remains committed to her campaign slogan of prosperity and freedom for girls and women.

She believes she has learnt a lot from the elections process and she hopes improve on her weak areas and contest again in 2021.
“This time, I am not setting myself up to fail because I have learnt my lessons and done my homework in addition to getting lessons in public speaking and strategic planning. I feel empowered and more focused on becoming a strong leader in my community.”

On the academic front, Acen is set on accomplishing her career as a development practitioner; to “pay it forward”, she has embarked on a journey of sensitizing her community to vote for competent people rather than those who give them handouts in exchange for their votes. As for her political opponents, Acen has put their differences aside and embraced them by supporting the winner to serve her community.

This has earned her a lot of sympathy from community members who sometimes regret why they never voted for her in the first place. Acen has also assumed the role of w mentor. She is mentoring young girls to outgrow cultural stereotypes and grow up to become who they should be; “Strong Women.”