Sarah is a law student at the Islamic University in Uganda – IUIU and the newly elected female Youth Councilor for Kampala District. She has a great passion for entrepreneurship and seeks to encourage as many young women as possible to emulate her in wealth creation and leadership. Well aware of the reluctance of girls and young women to assume leadership roles, Sarah seeks to help the women in her constituency discover who they are and what they are capable of doing.

She has a strong belief that they can bring about sustainable positive change in their lives once they master the power of networking and self-awareness. She attributes her recent achievements especially her political success to Ethan Mussolini – a trainer who mentored them in effective communication skills during the Young Leader Training under the Strengthening Young Women’s Civic Participation and Leadership Project. Using this skill, Sarah communicated her way to victory as a youth councilor.

“As we talk about sustainable development, girls’ leadership is critical success factor, through the #LetGirlsVote Mentoring Clubs, we have had a great opportunity to experience what it takes to lead people. The girl-fights we had strengthened us more and taught us to learn to deal power and politics. Amazingly, there is no book about such challenges, therefore the Club Management guidelines offered by our mentor were a great resource; something I will keep referring too in my leadership journey.”

Sarah pledges to use her office to address problems like unemployment, poor education for girls, domestic violence and reproductive health related problems, among others that are facing young people in her community.

This, she says she will do by using her teamwork and networking skills to engage both the youth and government leaders in constructive dialogues. She sees a lot of untapped talent among the youth and she believes that the government is in a better position to help them turn their talents into riches.