Annette is a student leader at Mutesa I Royal University who believes in result-oriented leadership.
She draws inspiration from her role model and mentor, Rehmah Kasule who, she hopes to emulate by empowering girls from disadvantaged backgrounds starting with those in her own university.

“As a young woman and a leader in the university students’ body, I look up to Hajjat Rehmah Kasule’s journey to self actualization. Her story in the book from “Gomba to the White House” stimulates and provokes me to rise up above all situations so as to achieve my goal.”
She partly attributes her current achievements to her strong will, resilience, strategic planning and perseverance. These, together with her mentor’s support have pushed her to the leadership level she is on now.

Through various leadership trainings under the program, Annette has greatly built her skills, which she is ably putting to use in her leadership endeavors. She believes that great things come from small acts of courageous people.

“I know that simple acts such as helping one person at a time, sharing information and knowledge can sow the seeds of wide spread change.”

Using the communication and other leadership skills like punctuality, career planning, decision making, and pro-activeness acquired from her mentors during the program, Annette has started working towards her goal of empowering other young women to become great leaders by conducting counseling sessions for her peers at the university. She also seeks to help disadvantaged women in her community by equipping them with knowledge and life skills that will make them socially responsible and economically independent.